Going the Extra Mile to Support Our Clients With Expert Construction Recruitment

In our last blog we looked at the anticipated growth of the construction industry in the UK, and the consequent increase in demand we are likely to see for construction workers between 2017 and 2021.

At RedRock Recruitment we take a strategic approach, and are already planning and working hard to fulfil the future needs of our clients.

One of the main advantages that we offer our clients is the scope of sectors that we cover, and the flexibility of construction experts that we have on offer. Our extensive database contains skilled people who are ready and waiting for roles in London and the South East on a permanent, contract or short term basis.

Our business is also differentiated by the fact that we are well-connected in the industry – we know exactly where to find expert staff if you need them, and can call upon our contacts if you are looking for a specialist who might be interested in being approached, but who is not on the open-market.

Working with our clients to manage their needs

We also understand that the best way to fulfil our clients’ needs is to work closely with them and develop an ongoing and sustainable relationship.  Our aim is to provide a no-fuss recruitment process tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of each of our clients, so how do we manage this?

Reference and qualification checking

We understand how vitally important it is to have the right person for the role and to ensure that your time is not wasted. So, we always double-check references and verify qualifications, to make sure that when we send you a candidate, you know that they are appropriate and ready to start work.

Providing support

We send a representative to check on your new recruit on the day that they start work – this ensures that you are happy and everything is in order.

We also provide ongoing support to our candidates to make sure that you have a good fit with your role.

Our experience

Our directors have over 20 years’ experience of working in construction recruitment throughout the South East and on some of the region’s most notable projects.

Superior service

We are delighted to say that our client retention is first class and that is because we work hard to provide a service which exceeds traditional expectations. This approach is integral to the way that we work, and includes added-value aspects such as supplying RedRock branded PPE if this is required by our clients.

Are you looking for construction staff and want to establish a relationship with a firm who will expertly manage your needs? Learn more about us or get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Construction Recruitment Boost with 179,000 New Jobs Expected in the Next 5 Years

The CITB (The Industrial Training Board for the Construction Industry) has published a report which anticipates steady growth in the UK construction industry during the period 2017 to 2021, despite the fears around political and economic uncertainty which have been clouding the picture for a while.

During 2017 to 2021 construction output is anticipated to grow at an average of 1.7% (this is just below the 1.8% expected average GDP growth).  This means that 179,000 new jobs will be created.

Infrastructure projects

A large proportion of the increase is expected to come from infrastructure projects which account for 45% of the anticipated construction growth. This means that the projections are heavily dependent on a number of high profile planned infrastructure projects – notably the Hinkley Point C and the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power stations and the first phase of High Speed  2, the UK’s planned new high speed rail network, all of which are due to start construction during this period. Private house building is also expected to continue to do well.

There are also marked regional differences with London, the South West, Wales and the North West expected to experience strong growth, whilst the North East and Scotland are likely to see a decline. Greater London in particular will see construction output rise by an annual average of 2.4% over the five year period.

What will be the effect on construction jobs?

The report anticipates that 35,740 new construction workers will be required each year to match growth, so suitably qualified personnel will be required in larger numbers. The CITB believes that some construction professions will be in particular demand:

  • Non construction professionals, technical and IT staff – 5,240
  • Wood trades people and interior fitters – 3,850
  • Electricians and installers – 2,250
  • Other construction professionals and technicians – 2,240
  • Other construction process managers – 2,150
Construction recruitment will require electricians
Electricians will be in demand

Good news for the construction industry and construction recruitment

This anticipated growth is good news for the industry and for construction professionals who have recently faced a degree of uncertainty, not least because of the question marks which still hang over the Brexit process.

At RedRock Recruitment we specialise in supporting construction companies to find the right people with the right skills to meet their needs, and as a full service agency, we are well placed to supply the professionals who are in the greatest demand – from general labourers, through all of the trades through to construction management professionals, in London, the Home Counties and throughout the Southeast.  Our rigorous vetting and recruitment process saves construction companies the headache of undertaking onerous recruitment themselves. We also have access to skilled and trusted trades people who can be supplied on short notice to support your construction project.

To find out how RedRock can support your business, find out more about us or get in touch today.