Growth in different types of Construction work graph

Fears over skills shortages as construction industry grows

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the construction industry is continuing to grow. Although the monthly output rate for the construction industry can be pretty volatile the overall trend is one of steady growth.

growth in construction work overview graph

Most of the growth in the construction industry is coming from new contracts, with repair and maintenance work remaining fairly static.

Growth in different types of Construction work graph

A separate survey of construction subcontractors has found that subcontractors an average have 22 weeks’ worth work already in the pipeline, showing that there is plenty of work around. Most of this work is coming from commercial construction projects, with homebuilding being a close second.


Skills Shortages a Major Challenge

Although subcontractors generally reported having plenty of work on the books they also reported having problems recruiting skilled construction workers. 21% of subcontractors surveyed said that the construction skills shortage was a ‘future threat to their businesses’. The only factor seen as a bigger threat was late payment.

There has been a lot of press about the construction skills shortage recently. A number of trade reports have been released showing too few new workers being trained and there are fears that a lot of European workers may go home as a result of Brexit. According to figures from the Greater London Authority there are almost 95,000 European construction workers in London alone. If significant numbers of them leave as a result of Brexit then it could have a major impact on the ability of subcontractors and main contractors to complete construction projects.

For those subcontractors who are struggling to recruit skilled construction workers it is more important than ever use a specialist construction recruitment company like RedRock. Our recruiters know the skills that needed for different trades and how to assess that workers have the correct qualifications and experience. We also always speak to a workers references to check what their work was like. That way we can be sure that any construction workers we put forward for a job have the correct skills to get it done.

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